Our Advisory Board guides our choice of clients and projects ensuring that they have a significant potential for social impact. It comprises social entrepreneurs and business people. 


Advisory Board Members


Valeria Budinich

born in Chile, has led social and business development programs for 25 years in 22 countries. She now leads Ashoka work on Hybrid Value Chains™.


Emmanuel Faber

is the CEO of Danone where he has played a key role in its groundbreaking "social business" initiatives: danone.communities fund, Grameen-Danone JV.


Rodrigo Baggio

is a Brazilian award winning social entrepreneur who founded CDI in 1995 to create the first schools combining information technology and citizenship.


Bill Drayton

is an American serial social entrepreneur and the founder of Ashoka after a career at McKinsey. He is recognized as the pioneer of the global social entrepreneurship movement.


Jay Naidoo

was a leader of the South African anti-apartheid movement and a minister in the first Nelson Mandela cabinet. He is also a successful business entrepreneur and chairs the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.