Since 1981, Ashoka has elected over 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellowsentrepreneurs - men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Ashoka Fellows inspire others to adopt and spread their innovations - demonstrating to all citizens that they too have the potential to be powerful changemakers.

To ensure that the leading ideas for social change are fully developed and sustained, Ashoka offers critical interventions on three levels—the individual, the group, and the sector:

  • Supporting Social Entrepreneurs Social entrepreneurs are the engines of social change and role models for the citizen sector. Ashoka identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs with living stipends and professional support to help them achieve maximum social impact
  • Promoting Group Entrepreneurship Groups and networks of social entrepreneurs working together accelerate and spread social impact. Ashoka engages communities of entrepreneurs and develops patterns of effective collaborations and develop unique, cost effective methodology to globally scan innovations in a given field such as Changemakers program
  • Building Infrastructure for the Sector A global network of changemakers requires tools and support systems to deliver sustainable social solutions. Ashoka creates needed infrastructure, such as access to social financing, bridges to business and academic sectors, and groundbraking frameworks for partnerships that deliver social and financial value, such as the Hybrid Value Chain™. All these tools can be found on the dedicated website.

Hystra and Ashoka are building a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership:

  • Hystra and its clients benefit from a priviledged access to the insights and solutions of Ashoka's network of social entrepreneurs who can also help identify operating partners for implementation projects
  • Ashoka is able to monetize its IP and gain access to the most innovative corporations.