In our work with corporate clients building inclusive businesses, we have been repeatedly confronted with the challenge of training numerous executives who were assigned to lead BOP projects.

These executives were experienced in “normal” business practices but lacked some critical skills, such as being able to build productive partnerships with NGOs, or recruiting, training, incentivizing and managing staff coming from the poorer strata in society.

As they could not find relevant available executive education programs, some of our clients had started to develop their own internal training programs. We decided to create such an open enrollment program, which would help create a global community of BOP practitioners that would continue learning from and encouraging each other.

We joined forces with our long term partner Ashoka and with HEC, a leading business school that the Financial Times ranked number one in the world in Executive Education. HEC also has a very dynamic Business & Poverty department (co-chaired by Pr. Yunus) with whom we have been collaborating over the years.

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