The Journey of Multinational Corporations to Inclusive Business

What explains the success stories - and the failures - of inclusive businesses started or supported by large multinationals?
In this report, we draw key lessons from the corporate intrapreneurs whom we have supported over the past 10 years in building their inclusive businesses, in an effort to help the next wave succeed and scale faster.

Over the last decade, many multinational corporations have attempted to set up inclusive businesses - new business models with an embedded positive social impact - of one kind or another, with varying success. Despite good intentions and the investment of significant resources, few of these pilots have been successful and an even smaller proportion has reached significant scale.

Conversations which Hystra has had over the past 10 years with intrapreneurs leading these efforts at close to 20 multinational companies show that, across a variety of sectors and geographies, the challenges they have faced are very similar. This report draws lessons from this first wave of efforts, with a particular focus on the internal factors that affected the outcome and progress of these initiatives.

This report was prepared for the Inclusive Business Boost, a series of activities funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). 

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