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Webinar 1/2: Building demand for and repeat usage of nutritious foods

In this new two-part webinar series sponsored by DFID, Hystra and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), in partnership with The Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business, we will tackle key aspects in marketing and distribution of nutritious products to BOP markets to achieve real health impact.

Nutritious foods or supplements provide a solution to a 'problem' understood by nutrition experts, but don't necessarily address a 'want' that the consumer has. This webinar will explore challenges in marketing nutritious products to low income households including vexed questions of:

  • How to get this consumer interested in the product,
  • What drives trust, aspiration and willingness to pay,
  • How to get her/him to use it at least once,
  • How to increase regular use, which is compliant with amounts to will ensure impact on nutritional status?

Marti van Liere, Director of Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition at GAIN and Lucie Klarsfeld McGrath, Senior Project Manager at Hystra and lead author on Marketing Nutrition for the BOP, will share lessons learned from experience of a range of companies and organizations about what consumers value, their willingness to pay, and drivers of trust and compliance.